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in just 2 years by preserving relative phase relationships in a signal

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Queens Award for Enterprise

Queens Award For Enterprise Winner

Proud winners of the Queens Award for Enterprise 2018

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Speaker Cables
Speaker Cables
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Performance Profile

Performance Profiles
Find out how your music can really sound with Tellurium Q® cables. Our cables fit into a spectrum of performance profiles designed to suit your listening preference as well as your budget. Hand built in britain by our specially trained, in-house technicians.

Performance Profile

Families of Sound
Does your system require a little more warmth or more detail, more revealing? Our Families of Sound aim to address these questions while making it easier to select the product to best compliment your system and enhance your listening experience.
Register your new Tellurium Q® products within 30 days of purchase and qualify for our free seven year extended warranty.
Hear for yourself
You do not have to believe all the incredible reviews, just test our products for yourself against anything else in the same price range and hear for yourself the tangible difference. Find out how your music can really sound, talk to your nearest Tellurium Q®dealer or contact us directly, now.
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Equipment of the Year 2017-2018
Equipment of the Year 2018-2019
HiFi Plus Awards 2016
The Ear: 5 Stars
HiFi Image Award
Paul Rigby Golden Groovy
Audio Video Experts Choice
Audio Video Great Deal
AVTech Media Award
Fairaudio's Favourite 2017
Fedelta Best Value
HiFi Choice 5 Stars
HiFi Choice Recommended
HiFi News & Record Review
Tone Exceptional Value 2018
HiFi Philosophy Golden Analog
HiFi World Best Loudspeaker Black Speaker Cable
HiFi Pig Outstanding Product
HiFi Voice
HiFi Plus Cable of the Year 2010
HiFi Philosophy Golden Analog Red
HiFi World 5 Globes
HiFi Pig Outstanding Product
HiFi Review Best buy of the Year 2018
Hi Fidelity Gold Fingerprint
Hi Fidelity Best Product 2017
Mono&Stereo Upper Echelon Class
Mono&Stereo Highly Recommended Product
Hi Fidelity Red Fingerprint
Tone Publisher's Choice
Home Cinema Choice
Mono&Stereo Editors Choice
Super AV Winner USB Audio
Super AV Winner Speaker Cable
Stereophile Recommended Component 2016
Stereo Life Editors Choice
Mono&Stereo Best Buy
Stereo Times Publisher's Choice